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Front Porch digital transcoding and video archive management for Bayerischer Rundfunk

BitScream is a software-based transcoding solution that delivers on-demand, real-time reformatting of digital video files.

Front Porch Digital (FPDI) announced mid-March that Bayerischer Rundfunk, one of the largest state broadcasters in Germany, has chosen BitScream, FPDI's transcoder, and DIVArchive, FPDI's distributed storage and archive management solution, to manage their digital video archive.

Highlighting what must have been a long and complex integration task, Herbert Gerstmayr of Bayerischer Rundfunk noted "The innovative FPDI team is very receptive to our requests and has developed a close professional relationship with our staff since we met them at the 2001 National Association of Broadcasters' convention. We believe that Front Porch Digital is the Must See Company for implementing digital archives."

T-Systems is providing the system integration for the Bayerischer Rundfunk project. Ernst Brenner of T-Systems said Bayerischer Rundfunk's selection “is affirmation of FPDI's leading position in the Broadcast market."

Bayerischer Rundfunk joins FPDI’s growing list of global Broadcast clients, which include Cognacq-Jay Image and TPS in France, PBS in the U.S., Central China TV in China and Taj Television in Dubai. Bayerischer Rundfunk produces and broadcasts six radio programs including the new digital radio program, "Bayern Mobil." Bayerischer Rundfunk also produces and broadcasts "Bavarian Television," "BR-alpha", several television programs for "Das Erste" (Public Service Television) and is a partner in numerous other joint programs.

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