Front Porch Digital powers Dutch soccer coverage

United Broadcast Facilities (UBF), the second-largest broadcast post operation in the Netherlands, is operating a DIVArchive content storage management system from Front Porch Digital in its digital production facility in Hilversum. UBF provides a wide range of services to the Dutch broadcast market and supplies content to most major European countries.

UBF’s workflow for soccer coverage is based on Quantel Qserver production systems and a Dalet MAM layer, with DIVArchive managing the content storage. This infrastructure makes production more cost-effective and flexible by giving journalists and editors the tools to make rapid and powerful searches of the archive from their desktops, browsing and retrieving content from a much wider range of material.

The DIVArchive system is also used for hour-long highlight and preview shows that require in-depth analysis, so journalists have the ability to choose clips from hundreds of different pieces of content stored on an Avid Isis-Interplay production platform. Making versatile use of the archive from different production platforms is crucial for managing tight budgets, meeting early deadlines and living up to high performance demands.

The system helps broadcasters and production facilities develop content storage management (CSM) systems with the least amount of effort and capital costs. It is used to preserve, manage and access content by enabling interoperability between large digital media storage devices, video servers, editing systems and digital media workflow applications. The system is currently in use at more than 160 installations worldwide.

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