French digital video effects studio to add Exanet ExaStore Clustered NAS

Mac Guff, one of France's largest digital visual effects design studios, will install Exanet's ExaStore Clustered NAS 2008 for 3-D animation, video effects and post-production use.

Mac Guff provides services based in both animation and photorealism to the advertising, television and music video industries. ExaStore will work behind the scenes to ensure that Mac Guff can push the limits of system performance.

The ExaStore clustered NAS systems for media and entertainment, including production, post production, VOD and streaming media anticipates growth, streamlines existing systems and enhances collaboration.

ExaStore's scalability facilitates growth and ensures that organizations can instantly meet future demands on their storage infrastructure within budget restraints. The ExaStore virtualization technology, including its load-balancing and single-file system, maximizes existing systems to their full potential and minimizes excess capacity.

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