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Freeview Australia to use MHEG-5 for iTV

Freeview Australia has selected MHEG-5 as the interactive TV middleware for the suite of over-the-air channels that operate under the brand. Receiver specifications including the MHEG profile for Australia have now been released by Freeview Australia and are available under NDA.

Freeview is the brand name for the collection of Australia’s free-to-view DTV networks first appearing in 2009. It is owned by ABC, SBS, Seven, Nine, Ten, Prime, Southern Cross and WIN.

The launch of the second phase of Freeview’s implementation in 2010 will see the deployment of an MHEG-5-based electronic program guide (EPG) that will provide listings information on all Freeview channels regardless of the channel being watched. The EPG will also allow channel and Freeview branding onscreen.