Fox Picks Sony HDCAM SR

The Fox Broadcasting Company has agreed to use Sony's HDCAM SR technology to deliver network HD content. HDCAMSR equipment supports both 1080 and 720P-Fox's choice for HD. Sony's SRW-5000 VTR can also record native a 720P/59.94 Hz signal at 10-bits per sample at 2.5:1, with a video recording payload of 440 Mbps, allowing it to record full-bandwidth, HD signals at what Sony refers to as "mild" compression ratios.

Built with surround sound in mind, the SRW-5000 can record 12 channels of uncompressed audio at 24 bits per sample, and accommodate two, discrete 5.1 audio programs on one tape. It also formats in both UMID and MetaData, allowing the user to record audio in the vertical blanking interval or in regular audio channels.