FOX News puts mobile DSNG to the test

FOX News has deployed the RaySat Antenna Systems (RAS) StealthRay mobile satellite two-way antenna system to enable its mobile news crews to transmit content while on the move.

The RaySat system allows FOX News to report while traveling or from the scene of a story using a low-profile digital satellite newsgathering (DSNG) transmission solution. Unlike equipment aboard traditional satellite news trucks, the RaySat StealthRay antenna system is always on. The DSNG solution stands less than 6in high and weighs little more than 60lbs.

FOX News deployed the StealthRay antenna system on its ElectionLink SUVs to cover the U.S. Democrat and Republican presidential primary races for on-the-scene reporting from multiple states. The StealthRay antenna system provides news crews with an IP-based, high-speed satellite connection that streams video through a broadband satellite connection as news crews are moving.

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