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Fox, CBS Tap Helinet, Cablecam for HD Football

Fox and CBS have selected the Helinet/Cineflex HiDEF HD aerial camera platform to provide aerial HD coverage of NFL games this season.

The aerial cable system--built around the Sony HDC-950 and HDC-F950 cameras--was used in last week's Atlanta Falcons-N.Y. Giants matchup and will also be featured in the upcoming Philadelphia Eagles-Giants game as well as the upcoming Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville, Fla.

The 67-pound Helinet/Cineflex V14 offers 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios, adjustable Canon lenses, HJ40X10B and HJ40X14B and is currently integrating with other lenses.

"The beauty of the Helinet/Cineflex HiDEF is that it is light enough to be used on a number of different platforms; from cable suspension systems like Cablecam's to helicopters to cranes," said Alan Purwin, CEO of Helinet Aviation Services.

TNT is currently using the system for NBA games.

Network television affiliates in Denver, Phoenix and San Francisco are also using the system for ENG.