Footen to explore file-based workflows during SBE/Ennes NAB session

National TeleConsultants VP John Footen will explore the increasingly crucial role of efficient file-based workflows in the broadcast and media industry at this year’s joint technical session of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) and the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust during NAB2008.

Part of the 62nd annual NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference, Footen’s April 12 Society of Broadcast Engineers/Ennes workshop presentation will explore the topic of business process analysis, a structured methodology for defining workflow.

According to Footen, accurate analysis and optimization of workflow is critical to modern broadcast and media systems. Footen’s presentation will describe how service-oriented architectures (SOA) identify workflow needs and provide flexibility to change workflow as business requirements evolve.

Footen also will examine business process management (BPM) technologies that allow for the orchestration of complex workflows across multiple systems.

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