Weather SystemsWeather Central (RT519 & C3136):Thinking Outside The Tube

Stations implementing the complete solution set from Weather Central and MyWeather are revolutionizing weather forecasting. With Weather Central’s suite of products—all "future proofed" with digital output capabilities—broadcast weather teams are able to provide impressive hyper-local coverage on-air and then automatically create thousands of station-branded online personal forecasts for their viewers by using MyWeather’s Personal MicroCast service.

At NAB2003, Weather Central will take technology one step further with the demonstration of its entire product line on a Windows/Intel platform. Weather Central is the only weather services company to fully support both SGI and Intel platforms, allowing stations to take advantage of the newest technology while protecting their investment in existing equipment.

Weather Central’s flagship system, GENESIS:LIVE, allows realtime creation of maps, graphics, and effects. The company’s MagicTRAK technology, a standard feature of GENESIS:LIVE, gives weathercasters unprecedented capabilities for interacting with show visuals. GENESIS:LIVE also allows weathercasters to be on-camera with their weather maps while on live remotes without a chromakey.

Weather Central expands weathercasters’ options for delivering a hyper-local weather forecast. The A.D.O.N.I.S. FutureCast forecast model, the industry’s benchmark, features compelling graphics and smooth animations, allowing weathercasters to tell the weather story up to 60 hours into the future. FutureCast handles the most complex aspects of weather forecasting and affords stations ultimate flexibility, with complete control from the weather office. A.D.O.N.I.S. MicroCast brings forecasting science down to the microclimate level—with pinpoint precision—allowing weathercasters to display dynamic animations of future weather conditions in a specific DMA.

MetroVision, also available with GENESIS:LIVE, creates sensational, realistic forecast visualizations. MetroVision combines local scenes—cityscapes, area attractions, or landmarks—with weather forecast animations, including sky conditions, light, and precipitation, to provide a recognizable, dynamic local weather forecast.

Additionally, utilizing high-resolution digital Level II NEXRAD data along with stations’ own live Doppler radar units, Weather Central revolutionizes the ability to provide realtime coverage of severe weather events. StormSentinel lets weathercasters pinpoint developing weather stories down to the street level, using an extensive set of analysis and on-air communication tools and top-quality maps. With MagicTRAK technology on StormSentinel, weathercasters are able to maximize their visibility and the station’s severe weather brand during crucial peak-viewer times. WxWarn2 is a reliable severe weather crawl system that provides maximum flexibility for automatically delivering detailed weather watches and warnings to viewers in both English and Spanish.

By integrating patented Personal MicroCast technology from MyWeather, the weather team can automatically produce and deliver highly localized and highly personalized forecasts to viewers. Through this service, a station is able to entice viewers to its local website when they go online for weather, and then promote them back to its on-air product. The weather team is able to extend and reinforce the station’s weather brand through four components of Personal MicroCast, which include online personal forecast pages, graphical emails, personalized severe weather warnings, and a desktop icon with the station’s logo. Additionally, MyWeather has recently introduced a Premium Personal MicroCast service that has created a new revenue stream for its partner stations.

Weather Central and MyWeather are delivering the products broadcasters need to maximize their reach and create the strongest weather brand possible. These proven solutions are why Weather Central/ MyWeather customers are the leaders in their markets.

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