FFV Partners With G.D.B. International to Create New Recording System

Fast Forward Video and G.D.B. International have teamed together to create a new recording system that provides synchronized broadcast-quality playback with precisely controlled slow-motion replay. The system is called the "Fast Track Racing System" and is initially targeted at the horse racing industry.

"Our racing-based customers are impressed by the quality of the recorded footage and the high level of control they achieve over the slow-motion playback on the DigiDecks," said David Cooper, sales and marketing manager for G.D.B. International, a Canberra, Australia distributor of solutions for multimedia and video, and FFV's distributor for that region.

The system is constructed around Fast Forward's DigiDeck hard-disk recording technology, which uses Motion JPEG codecs to encode and decode each video frame individually. As a result, a clean and solid image is produced when footage playout is paused. In addition to horse racing, other applications seen for the system include football, tennis, auto racing and dog races.

G.D.B. International has expanded the scope of the Fast Track System to include a Datavision SE8000 production switcher and a Datavideo MP6000 DVD recorder. These additions make possible four camera recordings on two DigiDeck machines and also the mastering of a DVD backup copy of the race.