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FCC Seeks Comment on Advancing Broadband Deployment, Forms Task Force

The FCC has created a task force to identify potential changes in wireless broadband policies that will help the deployment of wireless broadband services.

"We are strongly committed to facilitating broadband investment and deployment, particularly through technological choices," said FCC Chairman Michael Powell. "This commission has put a high priority on making sure Americans have access to broadband services through multiple facilities-based platforms. I believe that we can do even more.

The overarching goal of this initiative is to take a hard look at what we can do to extend the reach of broadband services to underserved areas and to provide increased competition in areas that already have access to broadband."

Co-directors of the task force are: Lauren Van Wazer, special counsel and associate chief, Office of Engineering and Technology and John Branscome, legal advisor, office of the bureau chief, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau. The Task Force also seeks public comment on issues related to the agency's wireless broadband policies.