FCC Releases TVStudy v2.2.3

WASHINGTON—The Office of Engineering and Technology has made a new version of the TVStudy software available to broadcasters, v2.2.3. The update includes a new version of the software installation package, the Installation and Upgrade Guide and the post-auction template XML file.

The key update of v2.2.3 is the improved performance of the TV Interference Check mode. Part of that update includes the oft requested ability to evaluate more than one user record within a given TV Interference Check study. In addition, v2.2.3 enables appropriate consideration of channel sharing applications and handling of the Longley-Rice error flag when studying DTS stations.

The full list of changes from the previous v2.2.2 is included in the Change Log of the TVStudy 2.2.3 Installation and Upgrade Guide.

All of the newly upgraded TVStudy software is available on the TVStudy website at www.fcc.gov/oet/tvstudy.