FCC Okays TV Marti Use of Channel 20

TV Marti began broadcasting to Cuba in 1991 using TV channel 13. Since then, the FCC added TV channels 18, 50 and 64 to the original authorization. Last week, channel 20 was added.

The Broadcasting Board of Governors' Office of Cuba Broadcasting had commissioned a study by the Joint Spectrum Center to identify channels it could use to avoid Cuban jamming. Channel 20 was found to be best suited for the purpose. The FCC found that there was no limitation in granting additional channels for TV Marti uses and it agreed that Channel 20 was necessary for TV Marti to "accomplish its statutory mission efficiency." The FCC also agreed that using Channel 20 would not cause objectionable interference to domestic full-service or class A TV stations, based on the same standards used to determine interference between domestic TV stations.

For additional information, see Memorandum Opinion and Order FCC 06-80.