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FCC nixes filings till resumption of normal operations

Broadcasters facing an FCC deadline to file nearly anything with the agency will find the commission’s electronic filing system offline and their private delivery service-delivered parcels returned due to the shutdown of the government.

According to a posting on an Internet landing page that loads instead of the normal FCC website landing page, the commission’s filing window, mail room and electronic filing systems will be unavailable — with the exception of Network Outage Reporting — until the government gets back normal operations.

A public notice from the agency notes that the government shutdown only affects the due dates for filings due during the shutdown, not the effective dates of commission actions.

Any filings with the agency, except for NORS filings, due at commission headquarters in Washington, D.C., its office in Gettysburg, PA, or with U.S. Bank, during the shutdown or on the day the government resumes normal operations will be due the day that follows return to normal. Additionally, if the agency can’t restore its electronic filing system on the day the government reopens, it will issue another notice to inform the public about other necessary filing extension deadlines.

The FCC also said it will continue to accept and record receipt of discrimination complaints for “employees and other aggrieved individuals” under federal discrimination statutes.”

The FCC Operations Center will also accept calls regarding emergencies affecting safety of life or protection of property. The phone number is: 202-418-1122.