FCC names Henning Schulzrinne CTO

The Federal Communications Commission announced Dec. 19 that Henning Schulzrinne has been named the agency's chief technology officer.

In his new role, Schulzrinne will guide the FCC's work on technology and engineering issues along with the FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology. According to an FCC press release, Schulzrinne will advise the agency on matters to ensure FCC policies are driving technological innovation. He also will be a resource for FCC commissioners and help the FCC engage with technology experts outside the agency. He will work from the FCC's Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis.

Schulzrinne is the Julian Clarence Levi Professor of Mathematical Methods and Computer Science and Professor of Engineering at The Fu Foundation School of Engineering at Columbia University. He has been an Engineering Fellow at the FCC since 2010. He has published more than 250 journal and conference papers and more than 70 Internet Requests for Comment (RFCs).

Among his accomplishments are development of key protocols that enable voice-over-IP (VoIP) and other multimedia applications that have become Internet standards, including the Session Initiation Protocol.