FCC Modifies 40 GHz Band Plan

The FCC released the Second Report and Order (FCC 03-296) modifying the band plan for the 36.0 to 51.4 GHz to create contiguous spectrum for both fixed satellite services (FSS) and terrestrial fixed and mobile services (wireless services) in the 37.0 to 42.0 GHz band.

Spectrum for wireless services was redesignated from the 41.0-42.0 GHz band to the 37.6-38.6 GHz band. The 40.5-41.0 GHz band was allocated to mobile satellite services (MSS) on a secondary basis for Federal and non-Federal government use. A new 100 MHz band was allocated to FSS in the 37.5-37.6 GHz band. The Second Report and Order created a non-Government FSS operation in the 41.0-42.0 GHz band and added Government FSS on a co-primary basis to commercial operations in the 40.5-41.0 GHz band. It also revised rules on power flux density limits in the 37.5-40.0 GHz band and established specific triggers for coordination between gateway earth stations and terrestrial stations in that band.

For complete information on the changes and graphics showing the new spectrum allocations in the 37 to 42.5 GHz bands, refer to the Second Report and Order (FCC 03-296).