FCC Looks Toward Digital LPTV

Last month, the FCC issued a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) regarding rules, policies, and procedures for digital station operations for LPTV, TV translators, and TV booster stations. Class A/LPTV stations will be accommodated first, as the FCC sees these stations as being one of the most cost-effective methods of delivering local programming to rural areas. Class A stations are the only group of broadcasters required to air three hours per week of local programming.

"It is heartening that the importance of Class A/LPTV locally based programming services has been recognized by the Commission, and we appreciate Commissioner [Jonathan] Adelstein's remarks concerning the importance of Class A/LPTV localism," said CBA president Eddie Owen.

The CBA will be an active participant in the FCC's activities for moving Class A/LPTV stations into the digital future. The NPRM and digital conversion issues will be addressed at the CBA's annual convention October 12-14 in Orlando, FL.