FCC Lists Qualified Bidders for 1.4 GHz Auction

The FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau found nine applicants are qualified to bid in Auction 69 for 1.4 GHz band licenses.

The qualified bidders include:

• Cavalier Wireless LLC (64 licenses selected)
• CCTV Wireless Inc. (64 licenses)
• Chevron USA Inc. (1 license selected)
• GWireless LLC (64 licenses)
• Itron Inc. (64 licenses)
• Maddog (64 licenses)
• Port LLC. (64 licenses)
• Tera Wireless Inc. (2 licenses)
• Texas Rural Broadband LLC (64 licenses)

Offered in the auction are 52 major economic area licenses, and 6 economic area-grouping licenses in two paired blocks (A and B).

Crown Castle obtained spectrum near these frequencies in an earlier auction and is using it to build out its DVB-H network to broadcast to cell phones and handheld devices. It isn't apparent if any of the qualified bidders plan to use this spectrum to compete with Crown Castle. The spectrum is offered in two groups of paired spectrum (1.5 MHz per block) and one 2 MHz block of unpaired spectrum.

For more information, see the FCC Auction 69 1.4 GHz Bands Web page.