FCC IB 2004 Review Outlines New Applications Procedures

The FCC International Bureau (IB) emphasized how the agency was improving satellite application processing time and make it easier to coordinate new earth stations in its 2004 Biennial Regulatory Review Staff Report.

The Report describes proposals to streamline how non-routine earth stations applications, including one that would allow an applicant proposing a small antenna to reduce power to compensate for the small dish's increased off-axis energy. Another proposal would "allow applicants to submit affidavits from operators of satellites potentially affected by the proposed non-routine earth station, showing that the operation of the non-routine earth station has been coordinated with public notice, rather than waiting for license grant."

There are several other proposals either enacted or in progress to reduce the amount of time it takes to obtain approval for satellite station moves, temporary fixed uplink operation, and fixed uplink facilities. See the 39 page International Bureau 2004 Biennial Regulatory Review Staff Report for the full story. Note that some of the Report is devoted to international telephone service, which is also the responsibility of the FCC International Bureau.