FCC Grants UltraVision More Time

The FCC has extended the deadline for comments on UltraVision's waiver request.

A previous RF Report described a waiver request the FCC received from UltraVision Security Systems for a waiver of Part 15 of the FCC rules to permit marketing and operation of an ultra-wideband (UWB) security system using spectrum below 700 MHz. Although intentional emissions from the proposed UltraVision system would not exceed the levels allowed for spurious emissions from UWB systems operating on higher frequencies, because these emissions are intentional, a waiver of Part 15 rules is required.

UltraVision requested a 90-day extension of the comment and reply periods until Feb. 22, 2007 and March 8, 2007, respectively, saying that it has been in talks with interested parties and that the talks "resulted in an agreement that further technical studies will be carried out." Due to the intervening holidays, additional time was needed "in order to provide the commission with the benefits of the results from the technical studies."

The FCC agreed and extended the deadlines as requested. See the Order Granting an Extension of Time to File Comments (DA 06-2331) for more information.