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FCC Extends Deadline for LPTVs to File for Repack Reimbursements

WASHINGTON—The FCC is giving low power TV stations and television translator stations an extra month to file applications to be reimbursed for expenses related to the channel repack.

After receiving requests from the LPTV Spectrum Rights Coalition and the National Translator Association, the commission extended the deadline for filing Form 2100 Schedule 399 (Form 399) from Oct. 15 to Nov. 14; the deadline for FM stations remains Oct. 15. Congress allotted $150 million in reimbursements.

The LPTV Spectrum Rights Coalition, applauded the move.

"A big thanks to the FCC for extending the filing deadline for relocation funding. It could assist many of the 1500+ eligible LPTV and TV translator licensees complete their funding requests in a more timely manner,” said Mike Gravino, coalition director. “The initial 60-day deadline was proving to be too quick a process, with many consulting engineers, legal counsel, and equipment vendors not having enough time to assist all that needed help in this unique process.

With an extra 30-days to file a much broader participation rate of those which are eligible should lead to a much better outcome for the industry,” Gravino added. “And since the LPTV and TV translator reimbursement process is not tied to the incentive auction timeline, this extension will not affect that timeline at all."

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