FCC Commissioner Michael Copps Announces Chief of Staff Change

WASHINGTON: Commissioner Michael Copps announced today that Chief of Staff and Senior Policy Advisor John Giusti will depart the Commission shortly to serve as the head of spectrum for GSMA, a global trade association of mobile operators, in London, England.

“Working with John Giusti has been one of the true joys of my service here at the commission. He has an incredible wealth of knowledge of all things global that he amassed from his years in the International Bureau, including his time as acting bureau chief while I was acting chair of the commission. I have been with him at numerous international events and have the highest admiration for his skills as a negotiator and a diplomat. He moves smartly and effectively in the global arena. His wireless acumen is both broad and deep and he has been at the forefront in developing FCC wireless policy for many years. John brings to everything he does a deep dedication to the best possible policy outcomes and a palpable commitment to the public interest. He also brings an inimitable ‘Giusti Style’ to whatever he happens to be doing. It combines his penetrating intelligence and practical good judgment with a unique sense of humor, an ability to savor life’s little ironies, and a happy disposition even when the terrain gets momentarily rough. Put it all together and you have a combination of talents and traits that has won him a city-full--indeed an international coterie--of friends and admirers. He will now bring these assets to GSMA--helping deliver the value of mobility, including mobile broadband, to citizens around the globe. The entire Copps team, present and former, joins in wishing John well has he undertakes his new global challenge.”

Copps also announced that Mark Stone will join his office to take over John’s responsibilities.

“I have had many opportunities to work with Mark over my years here, as he has performed myriad tasks for the FCC. I especially recall the advice and counsel he shared with me as I suddenly found myself acting chairman of the commission in 2009. His knowledge of how the place runs and his mastery of how to get good things accomplished was, and remains, immensely helpful to me--and to the ongoing work of the commission.”

Stone holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from James Madison University and a Juris Doctorate from George Mason University. He started in public service in 1991 at the General Services Administration Office of Inspector General. Since joining the commission in 1994, he has held posts in the Common Carrier Bureau, the Enforcement Bureau and the Office of Managing Director. He has also previously served as an advisor to former Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein and former Chairman Kevin Martin. In his current role as deputy chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, Stone has been involved in core consumer protection matters including bill shock, truth-in-billing and disability access.

The remainder of the Copps team continues in place, with Margaret McCarthy serving as policy advisor for Broadband, Wireline and Universal Service; Joshua Cinelli as media advisor; Carolyn Conyers as confidential assistant; and Renee Coles as staff assistant.

-- Television Broadcast