FCC Chairman Vlogs

WASHINGTON: FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is doing his own version of the fireside chat with a new video blog. The chairman’s inaugural “Blogband” posting outlines his intention for dragging the FCC itself into the present.

“The FCC I believe, needs to be a 21st century agency for the Information Age. We need to find ways to use new media and technology to perform the important functions that we have at the FCC,” he said from the posh corner chairman’s office in the Portals near the Potomac River.

Genachowski said that meant three things--communicating more effectively; encouraging more citizen participation; and organizing the agency’s data-collection process.

He also emphasized his desire to “make sure the FCC... unleash[es] the power of innovators and entrepreneurs in the United States.” He noted last week’s Notice of Inquiry on investment in the wireless space.

“Wireless because we have a huge opportunity in mobile to lead the world...” he said. “The FCC has unique responsibilities around spectrum and I’d like to see us make sure we’re handling that responsibility in a way that best promotes innovation and investment in wireless and throughout the broad communications infrastructure in the United States.

The camera-friendly chairman’s first, 4:25 video blog is available at the FCC Blogband site. It has not yet among the most-viewed videos on YouTube, where the president’s school speech, Tyra Banks real hair and Jon Gosselin’s public whinge rank among other videos that demonstrate the egalitarian nature of broadband.