FCC Auction 66 for Advanced Wireless Service Underway

Bidding got underway last week in the opening round in FCC Auction 66 for Advanced Wireless Service (AWS) licenses in the 1.7 and 2.1 GHz bands.

The list of "Top 10 Bidders by Net Provisionally Winning Bids" showed T-Mobile License LLC, Dolan Family Holdings LLC, SpectrumCo LLC, Cricket License (Reauction) Inc., and MetroPCS AWS LLC as the top five bidders. The T-Mobile PWBs totaling over $1.1 billion would give it 31 licenses reaching 399,233,443 people. The next three bidders PWBs totaled over $200 million each, with the MetroPCS bids coming in at just over $178 million.

Follow what some commentators have called the biggest FCC spectrum auction since cellular on the FCC Auction 66 Web site. The Web site has complete information on the auction, including current auction results.

For a short, easy-to-read summary of the AWS rules for the service and the auction, including links to other FCC documents on AWS, see the Small Entity Compliance Guide -- Advanced Wireless Services Spectrum (AWS-1 Auction) released last week.