FCC Accepts Nationwide Broadband Radio Service Application

The FCC has accepted an application filed by M2Z Networks Inc. on May 5, 2006 to provide a national broadband radio service using the 2,155-2,175 MHz band. The FCC allocated this spectrum for fixed and mobile Advanced Wireless Services. In Public Notice DA 07-492 announcing acceptance of the application, the FCC said the application was accepted for filing under the FCC's general statutory authority and the acceptance "does not imply an judgment or view about the merits of the application, nor does it preclude a subsequent dismissal of the application as defective under existing rules or under future rules that the commission may promulgate by notice and comment rulemaking."

The FCC said it was prohibited from acting on the application "less than 30 days following the issuance of public notice by the commission of the acceptance for filing of such application or of any substantial amendment thereof." It added that additional applications for this spectrum might be filed while the M2Z application is pending. See the Public Notice for information on filing comments.