Famous Frames Mobile Interactive launches with a ‘nyuk, nyuk, nyuk’

Unveiling the first Three Stooges short in half a century — “The GrateDebate,” in which Moe, Larry and Curly run for president — Famous Frames Mobile Interactive (FFMI) CEO Mark C. Miller launched the company’s nGen model digital studio. A new media company that produces, locates and distributes original graphic content, FFMI’s revival of five long-unseen Stooges shorts arose from a deal with C3 Entertainment.

FFMI specializes in animation and offers graphic content that includes: mobile movies, animated messages and greetings, graphic novels, games, screensavers and wallpapers and ring tones. FFMI's nGen platform distributes content across a wide range of formats to digital devices (wired and wireless) including PCs, broadband TV, cellular phones and handheld devices

For more information, visit www.famousframes.com.