EVS supplies servers to FIFA in Germany

The FIFA Confederations Cup football competition used EVS Broadcast servers to efficiently handle numerous sources simultaneously

EVS Broadcast Equipment supplied a complete sports-oriented central server system to the recent FIFA Confederations Cup football competition in Germany.

The system was used for logging, multi-feed recording, browsing, archive and event editing. The configuration consisted of a central server with six inputs and six outputs with 4.5TB of storage and up to 240 hours of recordings.

For each of the 16 games the input allocation included:

  • A Broadcast International Feed (BIF) and a Clean International Feed (CIF)
  • Cameras dedicated to specific players on each team
  • Cameras dedicated to the benches
  • Compilations of the best actions from isolated replay camera feeds.

Two IP Logger workstations were used for electronic log sheets related. Each log entry noted the reference time code and contained up to five keywords and a free text description. A central SQL database collated the data made by both IP Loggers.

The six feeds and the log database were archived on removable hard drives. EVS technology controlled the entire workflow in the International Broadcast Center (IBC).

For more information, visit www.evs.tv.

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