Everything Everywhere live mobile TV, Red Bee Media create buzz

UK mobile TV providers T-Mobile and Orange, which currently provide the Everything Everywhere mobile service, have teamed up to work with firm Red Bee Media to develop a new delivery platform targeted for the next several years.

The new platform has a vast array of content and providers including Sky News, Sky Sports 1, ITN News, ITV1, ITV2, Eurosport, CNN International and National Geographic. Red Bee Media is expecting a dramatic increase in subscribers over the next few years. Quality will ramp up as well. The new alliance will not only provide more shows and series but also higher quality, which is always a key area to drive consumer demand. As users are getting more and more sophisticated, the arrival of high-quality content can really grow a service, and that is exactly what all parties involved are hoping.

One of the big advances will be a huge target market of tablet and smart phone users, and this area has eluded Everything Everywhere up until now. The service will now work on Wi-Fi as well as 3G networks, so users will have many opportunities to get the programming they want when and where they want. As screens get larger and smaller screens develop into higher-resolution HD displays, the sources of quality content will be pivotal. This new arrangement will address this head on.

The new service will launch with nearly 50 channels of entertainment while staying at the same price points currently offered. Keeping the price steady while boosting the content options should drive customer demand and produce broad acceptance. End users' dismay over slow buffering videos with minimal frames per second and lower resolution will be directly addressed with this upgrade. Customers will have higher-res content, more channels and shows, be able to access the content in more places and on more devices. Needless to say, all companies involved are hoping for a win-win and a dramatic increase in profits in the next three years as the new and improved Everything Everywhere attempts to be exactly that.