Evercast, Capture Studios Team on Virtual Production

(Image credit: Evercast)

LOS ANGELES—A partnership between Evercast and Capture Studios is working to offer safe, full-cycle production solutions for content creators during the current pandemic.

Capture Studios serves as a hub that features Evercast’s video conferencing and live streaming technology. This enables the on-site team to handle things from pre-production to live streams, providing services like production design and creative development, graphics, animation, music and virtual stage design and previsualization. 

Evercast also provides ways for virtual location scouting, casting and script coordination, while the Capture Studios facility offers on-set video, lighting and audio needs.

A multipoint safety and sanitization program has been implemented at Capture Studios, with guidance from the CDC, local government and health officials. The facility’s “Capture Clean” program includes temperature checks, social distancing measures, touchless sanitizer stations, employee training, enhanced clearing and sanitizing protocols.

“Partnering with Capture Studios is a game changer because it means we’re able to offer live camera streaming in COVID-safe brick-and-mortar locations that are specially integrated with Evercast,” said Brad Thomas, co-founder and COO of Evercast. “This allows us to move into live events and a wide range of virtual production environments.”

For more information, visit www.capturestudios.co or www.evercast.us.