European Broadcasters Take Action to Prevent Abuse of Journalists

(Image credit: Niels Wenstedt/PRO SHOTS/picture-alliance)

In response to increasing abuse by the public, the Dutch Broadcast Foundation (NOS) has announced that it is removing its corporate logos and slogans from its company vehicles.

NOS says that its journalists are regularly harassed while trying to perform their work. The broadcaster has already been providing bodyguards to journalists who are covering protests and other potentially dangerous events, and is now considering bodyguards for all NOS employees.

Journalistic abuse in Europe is not limited to NOS, as the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECMPF) has recorded 34 attacks on journalists by members of the public between July and September.

The U.S. has also had similar instances of attacks against journalists this year, particularly following the protests after George Floyd’s death.

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