Europe: Poland Attracts More LCD Plants

Poland is attracting its fair share of CE manufacturing plants these days, with more companies showing interest each day. According to a Chinese newspaper, tariff relief has something to do with it.

The latest suitor is Hong Kong firm TPV Technology, which says it, is among the world's largest LCD flatscreen makers. TPV Technology has bought a local TV assembly plant in Poland, according to the Chinese-language Commercial Times (and reported in English by

The Polish site will be the LCD TV manufacturing base for TPV in Europe, with volume production on LCD screens scheduled to begin by early 2007. TPV shipped more than 11 million PC monitors and 700,000 flat-panel TVs in the third quarter of 2006, according to the company's filing with the Hong Kong Exchange. (Third quarter sales were just under $2 billion.)

Reportedly to avoid additional European tariff fees, Toshiba said earlier that it plans to build a new LCD plant in Poland. Last fall, LG Electronics began its third line of LCD TV production in Wroclaw, Poland. Quanta Computer also said recently that Poland would be an ideal spot for an LCD TV plant for itself. And Sharp said earlier this year it would set up a new LCD module plant in Poland.