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ESPN enhances its master control rooms

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ESPN enhances its master control rooms

ESPN chose The Systems Group to design and build 10 master control rooms (MCRs) in its new 120,000sq-ft all-digital facility in Bristol, CT.

Each MCR is designed for baseband processing of 720p/60 HD video, along with routing to support eight AES pairs and processing to support four AES pairs simultaneously. Each source can be independently selected as either multilingual or multichannel on an event-by-event basis, if necessary.

The facility employs Pro-Bel’s newest offerings, the TX-520 master control system and Morpheus automation. Each suite is outfitted with a standalone Pro-Bel Sirius HD/AES routing switcher system to provide a cuts-only facility in the event of primary switcher failure or maintenance.

Each of the three downstream processing/release chains are designed with a cascaded Miranda Imagestore HDTV branding system. A single Miranda Easysound SA audio inserter is allocated to each chain for audio VO and effect stings. Two branding chains are provided, in addition to the main path, for insertion of alternate branding and alternate commercial or promo media selection using the A/B mixer functionality that is integrated under both manual selection through Miranda PresStation and automated control under Pro-Bel’s Aurora.

Morpheus automation provides comprehensive control over all devices within the MCR and is integrated into the campus-wide network alongside the existing systems for database access.

Each processing point within the release chains is protected with the first implementation of Videoframe Systems HD SDI relay system, teamed with multiple AES relays. Videoframe Systems also custom designed RS-422 transfer switches for use within the control system. Multiple preset configurations are instantly recallable through the use of Ethernet-based macro control panels.

A composite monitoring environment was created for the MCR operators using both Evertz MVP monitoring and conventional CRT-based monitors. The MVP system features Evertz’s new G-Link fiber adapters, allowing a single fiber to be used for each of the two Christie displays. A standalone Pro-Bel Sirius AES router provides audio monitoring within the MCR. Level control is provided through an Adgil Director monitor control system. An Image Video TSI-1000 system collects relevant tally information from within and outside the MCR and keeps the operations staff up-to-date.

Each MCR is equipped with Raritan Systems’ Paragon II KVM routing system, which connects all relevant operational and maintenance PCs within the MCR.

Design TeamTechnology at Work Adam Semcken, sr. design/proj. eng. Adgil Director monitor control system ESPN: EEG EN-530S closed-caption encoder Ted Szypulski, dir.eng., special proj. Evertz: Fred Tullock, sr. systems eng. MVP display processor Ed Potter, sr. systems eng. 7700-series fiber processing The Systems Group: Image Video TSI-1000 tally controller Paul Rogalinski, proj. mgr. Miranda: Bob Sharp, installation mgr./ proj. eng. EasySound ESSA audio inserter James Tome, sr. systems eng. Imagestore HDTV logo generator James Slater, documentation support PCS branding system controller Vincent Lubrano, lead technician PresStation manual control panel Pinnacle MediaStream 8000 server Pro-Bel: Aurora router control Morpheus automation Sirius HD/AES routing switchers TX-520 HD MC switcher Raritan Systems Paragon II: KVM system Videoframe Systems VF200 modular frame series VM-series modular control
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