ESPN Argentina buys Dayang Magicwall

ESPN Argentina, the largest sports broadcaster in that country, has chosen Dayang's Magicwall MW-4160 multichannel monitor splitters for its new studios in Buenos Aires.

The Magicwall processors will be integrated into two new control rooms, enabling up to 16 channels to be viewed on a single flat-panel display screen. Each multiplexer has DVI and VGA outputs with integral de-interlacing, which allows each processor to feed a second array at an adjacent desk or in a separate suite.

Designed to replace CRT stacks in broadcast master control rooms or presentation suites, the Dayang Magicwall enables channel supervisors to get a precise view of the multiple program feeds as well as accompanying data on a single screen.

An auto-alert system is incorporated, including continuous monitoring of video blackburst as well as warning of frozen-image, lost video/audio and lost logo. Users are able to select text-based or audible alarms, create their own maintenance task schedules, and perform log management.

An integral under-monitor display automatically prompts for a channel identifier. The Magicwall multiplexer also incorporates a hard disk recording facility, which enables all incoming channels to be archived at full resolution or at compressed browse-quality.

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