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Ensemble Designs plays key role in Olympics branding, reference

The International Broadcast Center (IBC) for the Olympics in Beijing has standardized on the Ensemble Designs Avenue 7420 logo inserter.

While the Avenue 7420 will be used to brand feeds from the IBC, the Avenue 5400 and 7405 sync pulse and test signal generators will be used at 40 unique Olympic venues. They will provide basic sync and reference for video and audio paths.

The IBC is the transmission and distribution center for an enormous number of signals, which come in from every Olympics venue on fiber for synchronization and routing. The IBC’s transmission and distribution facility acts as a switching center for rights holders. A selection of feeds are also distributed to the uplink farm and back to reporters. Feeds are branded with Ensemble Designs’ logo inserters prior to distribution to correspondents.

A special in-house TV distribution network with more than 40 channels will be provided to correspondents and reporters. During the day, a wide range of different sources will be provided on different channels. A reporter in the main correspondent center could use the system to watch various channels. He might watch time trials for swimming on one channel, view crowd shots on another channel and simultaneously view sailing on a third channel. This system allows reporters to cover many events without having to physically be in several places at once.

The IBC will be receiving full-bandwidth uncompressed HD feeds on fiber from the majority of venues. Signals from distant venues, such as those hosting the equestrian and sailing events, are MPEG compressed at a high bit rate and then delivered to the IBC.

Signals will be switched according to a published program schedule. All signals are fed into a matrix of Ensemble Designs 7420s for individual branding of each channel. Some of the 7420 outputs are downconverted into the CATV system.

The 7420 logo inserter can be used with HD and SD video signals and has two linear keyers. The onboard SD card provides the user a simple way of transferring logos from computer to module for keying. Animations, sound clips and stills are supported.

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