Engineer's N.H. Primary Analysis: Republicans Serve Better Food

Rick Zach, chief engineer at WCVB (Channel 5) in Boston, knows the New Hampshire Primaries.

And, on his personal Web site, he's posted a stock of behind-the-scenes photos of the coverage of the Jan. 8 contest, the press rooms, ENG and satellite trucks and camera pens, all with commentary—including some culinary analysis. Worth a view for broadcasters and political junkies alike.

In the case of WVCB, most video was delivered from several New Hampshire sites by fiber optics to WMUR (Manchester, N.H.), and onward by dual 60-mile microwave relays through Mt. Uncanoonuc back to WCVB, Zach reports on the site.

"The reliability of these microwave links were absolutely critical," he reports.

The primary report is at here, at

And as he notes on the site, the commentary is his own, not the station's.