Encoda provides automation for HK Cable

Encoda provides automation for HK Cable TV

Hong Kong Cable Television installed Encoda Systems' DAL Channel Manager A7500 automation system and DAL Ingest Automation System A8800 to automate the four channels it used to cover the 2002 FIFA World Cup games.

Cable TV took four live feeds from Korea and used the A8800 ingest system in combination with GVG Profile video servers to process the feeds and prepare them for playout, with actual control of the playout being handled by the A7500 automation system.

The A7500 automation system allows users to minimize staff requirements as channels are added. The latest additions to the product expand support for multichannel operations, providing greater operational ease and flexibility, signal monitoring functions, additional storage management tools, as well as advanced features for security and redundancy.

The A8800 ingest system dubs new material onto video servers, managing the compilation and transfer of taped material, and recording live incoming feeds. In addition, it controls the transfer (retrieval/storage) of program and interstitial material from a digital archive.

Cable TV now uses the automation system to run news channels.

For more information about Encoda Systems visit www.encodasystems.com.

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