Encoda Endorses TVB Standards for EDI

Encoda Systems Inc. has committed to implementing the new Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) Standards for EDI in its products and promoting the standards within the industry. The TVB standards establish automated business processes, rules and formats for the exchange of data between buyers and sellers in the spot television marketplace.

The standards will reduce the costs of exchanging, maintaining and communicating data for avails, orders, offers and other transaction. It will also increase the speed and volume businesses can handle, thus increasing productivity.

Encoda will first implement the TVB invoice standard in Spotdata, a Web-based e-Business portal, in the fourth quarter of 2002. The new features will allow an agency system to receive electronic invoices from more than 900 TV stations. The new Media Buying module of the Encoda Agency Suite for advertising agencies will also support the standard.

Future development efforts will focus on the transactions of the order process for buying and selling media. One requirement in the creation of the standards-based applications will be the further definition of business workflow related to the order process, which will require more collaboration with the TVB EDI committees and other vendors.