Emerson College Adds Ross Production System

Ross Video has announced that Boston’s Emerson College has implemented a new production facility built upon Ross technology. The package includes a Vision 2 production switcher, an XPression graphics system, a SoftMetal production server, and an OverDrive automated production control system. Ross’s openGear terminal equipment was used for interfacing the system.

“By adopting OverDrive, a single operator is responsible for all technical aspects of the production such as robotic camera control, switching, video server playback, audio mixing and template-based graphics creation, allowing other students to focus their time and energy on the elements of producing that is of their primary interest and curriculum,” said Timothy MacArthur, manager of Emerson’s journalism television facility. “OverDrive offers a much greater level of consistency to the finished product, a big advantage over traditional crew rotations where every day is the TD’s first day on the job.”

Emerson College is a four-year school with a curriculum that is devoted exclusively to communications and performing arts studies. Its television facility provides network-grade news production opportunities for students seeking careers in reporting, production, on-camera delivery and editing.