Elgato enables HDTV recorder for the Mac OS

Elgato Systems has released the EyeTV 500, an HDTV solution for the Mac OS X.

EyeTV 500 allows users to watch, record, timeshift, edit and archive free over-the-air HDTV and SD images. The solution is firewire-powered, all-digital and HD-capable. It is based on Elgato's EyeTV 400 technology.

EyeTV 500 allows users to watch free digital terrestrial television (ATSC) on their Mac; pause, rewind and fast-forward as they watch TV; record television to the Mac's hard drive, creating an archive of their favorite shows; program EyeTV 500 through the manual control panel or an EPG from TitanTV; and edit unwanted content using EyeTV's built-in editor and archive programs to DVD or videoCD, to play anywhere on most standard DVD players.

For more info: www.elgato.com .

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