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Egyptian television selects Aveco for news, playout and content management

Aveco has installed two ASTRA Content Management and Automation systems for the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU). The ASTRA CMS Content Management System manages eight production control rooms for ingest, transcoding and file transfers within the facility and between the two sites.

Newsroom is ERTU's main production facility and is based on Quantel production and playout servers. A distributed ASTRA Orbiter system manages over 80 Quantel channels in eight production control rooms to develop content for playout and distribution.

ASTRA also provides a MAM layer above Quantel for ingest, redundant playout, file import/export, transcoding, archive control and media exchange. ASTRA News receives the rundown from ENPS to automate the playout of content to multiple sites such as Nile International, Nile News and Nile TV.