EEG Launches 1430 HD Encoder Card for openGear

FARMINGDALE, N.Y.–– EEG, closed captioning solutions company, introduces the 1430 HD Encoder Card for the openGear platform. As the latest addition to the company’s Modular Closed Captioning System, the 1430 HD provides broadcasters, content producers and live venues with a solution for broadcasting and streaming content.

The 1430 HD is an alternative to EEG’s 1490 HD Encoder Card. Both bring the functionality of the company’s HD490 Smart Encoder to openGear users, streamlining and integrating the VANC/Line-21 encoding process into one solution.

The 1430 does not include iCap support and audio disembedding for remote delivery, but a software subscription for EEG’s IP-based Realtime Captioning System iCap can be purchased separately, and a dial-up modem can also be added. The 1430’s capabilities can be expanded as needed with the feature enhancements, drivers and modular applications available on other EEG encoding products.

The card is intended for applications such as local newscasts performing captioning through a teleprompter, A/V events with an in-person transcriptionist and automation-driven caption encoding onto video signals that will go direct-to-streaming.