EEG Adds Video Descriptive Services Capabilities to CCPlay FilePro

Broadcasters, VDS authoring providers can lay additional audio tracks into MXF bundles
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FARMINGDALE, N.Y.— EEG have expanded the capabilities of CCPlay FilePro to include support for video descriptive services, also known as descriptive video services.

CCPlay FilePro, EEG’s software encoding tool for MPEG-2 and MXF XDCAM video file formats, now provides an efficient process for insertion of VDS into MXF bundles, without the need to open up or re-compress other video and audio tracks.

Using CCPlay FilePro, VDS audio tracks can quickly be inserted into a media asset with a simple point and click without the risk of accidentally modifying, or needing to de-compress and re-compress, the video or existing audio tracks. The CCPlay FilePro workflow offers advantages over other VDS insertion methods, which require use of an NLE in a time-consuming procedure, which can potentially make undesired changes to other media tracks in the project.

Capable of performing high-res MPEG and MXF caption encoding at rates of 10X real-time or more, CCPlay FilePro brings post closed captioning efficiency, accuracy, reliability and intuitive operation to Windows workstations.

CCPlay FilePro eliminates time-consuming re-encoding of video essence and generational loss. It features a simple interface for scheduling and queuing encoding jobs. The software accepts all common closed captioning and subtitling file formats, including ECF, SCC, Timed Text and CAP. It encodes a CableLabs-compliant stream with full CEA-608 and CEA-708 data structures and recomputes stream timing data and all necessary headers, for files with or without pre-existing closed caption structures. It includes configurable time code shift to solve sync-up between video file and caption file time bases. The software also performs AFD, V-Chip and CGMS-A encoding into file-based video assets either simultaneous to closed caption encoding, or independently. It features format support for MPEG-2, MPEG-4/H.264, XDCAM, DVCPro, IMX, Op-1A, AS-02, GXF and Quicktime.