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Editor Garchow taps AJA Io for quick-turnaround HD workflow

Jeremy Garchow, editor for Chicago-based Maday Productions, worked as an editor and post-production supervisor on “Tension,” a 60-second Wilson Staff golf commercial that needed to be shot and posted in a week and a half

Garchow tapped the AJA Io HD as a kind of digital DDR, enabling his team to record everything in HD, 720p at 23.98fps to meet delivery needs domestically and abroad.

“We were able to maintain a very high quality throughout our production using the Io HD, a 10-bit end-to-end pipeline; we didn’t have to go back to tape- or flash media-based recordings at any point in the project,” he said.

“All duplicate pulldown frames were extracted as we were capturing to record 23.98 files, which further enhanced our productivity,” he said. The Io HD allowed Garchow to monitor and playback immediately on the set to ensure he was capturing what he needed in an efficient manner.

Garchow shot with a Panasonic HPX2000 camera and used the Io HD for capturing in Apple ProRes (HQ), to avoid any in-camera 8-bit compression and maintain the quality he desired while still providing for the 10-bit pipeline he wanted throughout the post process. The Io HD allowed him to do this with a laptop, which kept the footprint of the setup small and portable.

The setup let Garchow sit down and essentially put together a rough-cut of the spot and begin fleshing out the ideas of his client.

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