EchoStar X Satellite Launched

The Sea Launch Co. reported the successful deployment of the EchoStar X communications satellite into a geosynchronous transfer orbit on Feb.15, on its way to a final orbital location at 110 degrees west longitude. EchoStar X was launched by a Zenit-3SL vehicle from the Odyssey Launch Platform, positioned at 154 degrees west longitude. Sea Launch reported all systems performed nominally throughout the flight and early data indicated the spacecraft is in excellent condition.

EchoStar X is a Lockheed Martin high power Ku-band A2100-AX spacecraft designed to provide DBS services to Dish Network customers throughout the U.S.

"This is our second mission with EchoStar and we're very happy to have achieved another mission success for Dish Network with EchoStar X," said Jim Maser, president and GM of Sea Launch. "We want to congratulate EchoStar in their 25th Anniversary Year and their 10th year of Dish Network."

Additional information is available in the Sea Launch news release.