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EchoStar Ends Lifetime Carriage

Lifetime and the Lifetime Movie Network are no longer available via Echostar's Dish Network satellite distribution service.

Lifetime's contract expired Dec. 31 and was not renewed. According to Echostar, Lifetime demanded a 76 percent increase over existing rates to allow continued retransmission of programming. The Englewood, Colo. DBS operator framed the hike as an unfair burden to Dish customers, and the contract was not extended. Efforts are underway to re-institute carriage.

"While we are working hard to negotiate a fair contract with Lifetime Television, we must also protect our customers from outrageous rate increases," said Eric Sahl, Dish Network senior vice president of programming. He added that Dish was appreciative of the 10 year relationship with Lifetime and that he hoped that network would reconsider its position.