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Durham Makes HD Moves With Broadcast Pix Switcher

CHELMSFORD, MASS.—The City of Durham, N.C., is taking its city council meetings into the world of HD with the deployment of a Granite 1000 integrated production switcher from Broadcast Pix. The new switcher is used for coverage of bi-monthly city council and monthly planning commission meetings.

The Durham city council currently has five Panasonic SD cameras set up in the city council chamber, along with a document camera and PC input for sharing PowerPoint presentations. The plan is to update these cameras with HD models before the end of 2018 and control them through the Granite 1000.

The Granite system replaced a Broadcast Pix Slate system and is housed in a small control room in City Hall, along with cable headend equipment and a dedicated AC system. The city council was also able to export its graphics from the Slate system into the Granite.

The new Granite switcher was installed in late January.