Dubsat launches MediaFront asset management suite

Distributed advertising and media asset management company Dubsat has announced the launch of MediaFront — its new advertising asset management cloud-based application suite.

Dubsat CEO Grant Schuetrumpf explained, “MediaFront is all about media content accessibility, convenience and efficiency for anyone managing their advertising asset library, as the app allows users to view and preview all of their media assets in one place on their desktop, whenever and wherever they want.

“MediaFront accesses cloud-based services via the Internet, so users no longer have to invest in dedicated hardware and telecommunication lines just to receive a copy of their TVC and radio ads for local production use,” added Schuetrumpf. “They are now available on their desktop or smart-phone via MediaFront, and fit conveniently with the production companies’ and departments’ suite of tools required to fulfill and manage advertising media delivery orders and requests.”

Dubsat’s MediaFront brings advertising and production companies’ assets together via a desktop and smart-phone app with a highly intuitive user interface and provides the ability for users to book delivery requests.

Dubsat CTO Adam Larter explained, “MediaFront enables you to completely manage your media workflow on your desktop and smart-phone. Whatever device you have MediaFront installed on, it enables you to create and manage TV and radio bookings directly within the app, search and create assets, replay, repurpose, share and store your media.

Larter said they’ve also developed MediaFront to adapt to the way their users want to interact with their media.

“This means no more flat, boring web views requiring different websites to get access to your media assets — MediaFront consolidates all media assets you have in your Dubsat cloud library and presents them in a familiar, intuitive user experience.”

MediaFront is a device-registered application and its initial Mac and PC desktop release is available to all Dubsat registered users from June 1, 2012, with the iPhone and Android apps release marked for July 1, 2012.