DTV stations top 800

Continuing the transition to digital television (DTV) operations, 14 new stations have begun broadcasting a digital signal, as per, although not compliant with, the FCC’s mandate. Six of these are public broadcasting stations that are not mandated to begin DTV operation until May 1.

Counting the new stations, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) said the total number of digital stations has now reached 801. On May 1 of 2002, roughly 1,288 commercial stations were supposed to begin DTV operation. Many have and continue to get special waivers from the Commission that have extended the deadline.

Among the new commercial DTV stations are: KAKW-TV Killeen, TX (Market Rank #93); KSFY-TV Sioux Falls, SD (Market Rank #112); KVBC-TV Las Vegas, NV (Market Rank #52); KJTL-TV Wichita Falls, Kan. (Market Rank #142); WVTV-TV Milwaukee, Wis. (Market Rank #31); WCGV-TV Milwaukee, Wis. (Market Rank #31); KHBC-TV Hilo, Hawaii (Market Rank #71); and KDLT-TV Sioux Falls, SD (Market Rank #112).

The new PBS stations, 100 of which are currently on the air, include: PBS: WUNF-TV Asheville, N.C. (Market Rank #35); WPSX-TV Clearfield, Penn. (Market Rank #96); KOOD-TV Hays, Texas (Market Rank #66); KAMU-TV College Station, Texas (Market Rank #93); WEDW-TV Bridgeport, Conn. (Market Rank #1); and WTJX-TV St. Thomas, Virgin Islands (Not Ranked by Nielsen), which is the first station on the island to broadcast in digital.

The NAB said that DTV signals are now being transmitted in 187 markets that include 97.44 percent of U.S. TV households, and that 74.12 percent of the more than 106 million U.S. TV households are in markets with five or more broadcasters airing DTV.

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