DSL outgrows cable by eight percent

The top DSL providers added 895,336 new broadband subscribers to their rolls in this year’s second quarter, almost eight percent more than the major cable companies, a new report finds. This is the first time that the major providers of DSL services have garnered more new subscribers in a calendar quarter than their cable television competitors.

In the past year, DSL providers have made their technology more available and marketed it much more aggressively and at a lower price point, found the report from Leichtman Research Group (LRG) in Durham, NH.

According to LRG, while DSL new subscriber growth increased during the second quarter, for the cable companies it declined 11 percent from the same period a year ago when they added 930,461 subscribers to their rolls. Still, total subscribers increased by 32 percent to 17.5 million at the end of the second quarter this year from 13.2 million at the finish of the same period last year.

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