Drake gets mobile at SVT

Drake Electronics Limited have won another 4000 Series II Broadcast Intercom system order from SVT In Sweden, via their Swedish distributor VideoCad AB. Comprising of one of Drake’s 4000 Series II Mini Matrix frames and seven user panels, the new system will be stored in transportable flight cases and will play a key role in a number of forthcoming SVT events.

It will play a key role at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest in Riga, Latvia, where it will be used as the main broadcast intercom system by all the European states and in the future is likely to be used by SVT at major sports and other outside events.

SVT elected to use coax connection between the matrix and user panels so that additional panels can be borrowed from other SVT Drake systems as required. It can also act as a “add on” system in the TV-center, which already have Drake systems.

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